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pitchbannerThanks for reaching out to! It’s our mission to connect readers with writers. And when we can connect local authors to, not only local readers, but readers world wide, it makes us smile.   Here’s what we need from you to put you on our Pitch Page. Read the details and then fill out the form below.

1.  A picture of your book or a link to where we can get your picture.

2.  A 100 word or less pitch that will entice readers to want to read your book.

3.  A source via email address, website or link that will take the reader to a place where they can purchase your book. Please make sure they’re in link form. Don’t just say Main St. Books. Put their full website address

NOTE: Special offers like discounts or signed copies will help get readers to buy your book.

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As a writer it’s import to expand your social networks to get the most exposure to potential readers. That is why is asking you to help grow ours. The more we grow, the more we reach our specific market of people who love literature. In turn, these people come to our website and connect with you. It’s a fabulous win/win/win for everyone!

In addition, it’s our goal to develop festivals, events and other creative means to bring readers to writers, publishers to authors, poets to audiences and the literary world of St. Louis together. In the end, we are all helping promote the joy of reading and writing. By connecting with us, you’ll get first hand information on what’s happening.

Once we verify that you’ve socially connected up with us, then we’ll put your book on our Pitch page and you’ll get more exposure and more sales!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

-Harry Sneed III

Managing Editor

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